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We're leveling up the gaming experience with the launch of SANWEAR™-GT, the first wireless in-ear monitors built for gaming and powered by Hyper Reality Audio™. We dare you to compare them to any over-ear gaming headset!


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World-Class Features

SANWEAR™ GT SANSync Ultra-Low Latency


Ultra-Low Latency

Equipped with proprietary SANSync technology for ultra-low latency transmission and unmatched audio spatiality, setting a new benchmark for gaming audio.

SANWEAR™ GT Hyper Reality Audio Animation


Hyper Reality Audio™

Hyper Reality Audio™ is our signature sound; unmatched in spatial clarity and depth, crafted by our sound engines. Experience music as if hearing it for the first time.

SANWEAR™ GT Near Field Communication Animation


Built-in NFC

Built-in NFC enables seamless wireless storage and sharing of information (songs, websites, contacts, content, etc), enhancing user interactivity. *Android (iOS Coming Soon)

SANWEAR™ GT Customize EQ Lights Touch Animation


EQ + Lighting + Touch

With the Soundscape™ app, you gain direct access to adjust EQ settings, personalize light controls, and customize touch commands for your SANWEAR™.

SANWEAR™ GT Long Lasting Battery Animation


Long-Lasting Playtime

Up to 6 hours of playtime (per bud) on one charge, with an extended playtime up to 33 hours with SANWEAR's charging case. Compatible with USB Type-C.

SANWEAR™ GT ENC Advanced Microphone Animation


Advanced Microphone

Take your calls almost anywhere thanks to the advanced microphone array and adaptive Environmental Noise Cancellation, eliminating unwanted background noise.

SANWEAR™ GT Water Resistance Animation



Crafted to endure sweat, rain, and water, these headphones are dunk proof and washable, ensuring that you can enjoy your music everywhere you go.

SANWEAR™ GT Freebit™ Sport Hooks Animation


Sport Hooks

Expert-engineered ergonomics for hours of secure fit and comfort, without getting in the way of your glasses. Every unit comes with three different sizes for a perfect fit.

SANWEAR™ GT Soundscape Points Animation


Soundscape™ Points

Earn Points in Soundscape™ by listening with SANWEAR™. Unlock rewards, experiences, and new features. Coming soon.

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Is the audio quality of SANWEAR-GT suitable for professional gaming?

Absolutely, the audio quality of SANWEAR-GT, enhanced by Hyper Reality Audio™, meets the demands of professional gaming, offering spatial clarity and precision.

Can SANWEAR-GT be used for activities other than gaming?

Yes, SANWEAR-GT is versatile, providing exceptional audio quality for various activities, from gaming to listening to music or movies.

Is SANWEAR-GT compatible with all gaming platforms?

SANWEAR-GT is designed to be compatible with a broad range of gaming platforms, enhancing the audio experience across different devices. All you need is a USB-C connection.

How does the ergonomic design of SANWEAR-GT enhance user comfort?

With its lightweight build and patented sport hooks, SANWEAR-GT’s ergonomic design ensures comfort, even during lengthy gaming sessions, VR experiences, or daily activities.

How does SANWEAR-GT’s battery life support extended gaming sessions?

Designed for longevity, SANWEAR-GT’s battery life caters to extended gaming, minimizing interruptions for charging.

Can SANWEAR-GT connect to the USB-C port on my phone?

Yes, SANWEAR-GT can connect to your phone’s USB-C port, offering versatile usage, less audio compression, low latency, and easy integration with your mobile devices.

Can I easily switch between gaming mode and normal Bluetooth mode?

Absolutely, you can swiftly switch between gaming and Bluetooth modes by tapping the side of either monitor three times, ensuring seamless transitions for different usage scenarios.

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