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/// Description

After 20 years of relentless innovation, SANWEAR™ emerges as the peak personal audio experience, delivering vivid realism and unmatched spatial sensation.

/// Technology

Hyper Reality Audio™ is the most vivid way to experience audio. SANWEAR™ is the only headphone in the world capable of producing Hyper Reality Audio™.

/// What's Included

- SANWEAR™ - In-Ear Monitors in Nomad Gray
- The Soundscape™ Mobile App Access
- SAN Sound Travel Pouch
- 4 Sizes for Fitting (Tips and Hooks)
- Rubber Travel Necklace
- USB-C Charger



    Hyper Reality Audio™ Sound Engines

    Hyper Reality Audio™ is our groundbreaking audio technology that ensures consistent and lifelike audio experiences. Designed to infuse every note, beat, and rhythm with tangible depth, this technology provides a realistic and emotional audio experience.

    Hyper Reality Audio™ goes beyond mere immersion – It rivals real life.

    Water-Resistant Design (IPX6)

    Crafted to endure sweat, rain, and water, these headphones are dunk proof and washable, ensuring that you can enjoy your music everywhere you go.

    Advanced Microphone with ENC

    Take your calls almost anywhere thanks to the advanced microphone array and adaptive ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation). It eliminates the unwanted background noise so your voice comes through and not what’s going on around you.

    Extended Playtime

    Up to 6 hours of play (per bud) on one charge, with an extended playtime up to 33 hours with SANWEAR's charging case. Compatible with USB Type-C.

    Built-In Near Field Communication (NFC)

    Enables seamless wireless storage and sharing of information, enhancing user interactivity.

    Freebit™ Sport Hooks

    Expert-engineered ergonomics for hours of secure fit and comfort, without getting in the way of your glasses.

    Holistic Audio Engineering

    Comprehensive in-house design and engineering to ensure the highest standards in audio delivery and user experience.

    Designed by IMCMPLX

    Merging aesthetics with functionality, the distinct IMCMPLX design contributes both to the look and the performance of the headphones.

    Bryan Lie, aka IMCMPLX, is a highly accomplished, futuristic artist and designer from Jakarta, Indonesia. Most in the Web3 space know him as the creator of 0N1 Force, but his portfolio includes work with enormous brands like Samsung and the Chicago Bulls as well as his largest endeavor, GOD COMPLEX - highly posable 1/6th scale figures that take you on a journey of self discovery.